Non-Residential Support Programme

Women PLWHAs
There are many people living with HIV Aids (PLWHAs) not in residence, who are beginning call on CARE for succour, among the most vulnerable being women with children. We began a support programme for them in 2008. Presently we are looking after 12 women and 11 children.

We gather them together for medical, emotional and spiritual care, and counselling, and assist them to apply for financial assistance. We help them keep their medical appointments and ensure that they take their medication.To the extent possible, we provide training in life and simple work skills and opportunities for income-gaining activities. Besides helping with their day-to-day living supplies, we provide support for the nourishment, schooling and even clothing where there are children. Our volunteers provide tutoring for their children.

We also arrange recreation and outings for them to enjoy some normal family life.This programme will grow significantly as those in need come to us and we draw in Volunteers to enlarge our resources to help them. We intend to create more space in our new premises.

Life-long Support
Arising from an in-depth strategic review last year, we are now looking beyond existing programmes. We see our mission as being available to and encouraging all PLWHAs who need help to come to us. Regardless of their point of contact, we see our role as journeying with them through life. Of priority concern will be our discharged residents and non-resident participants. Our task will extend to seeing them re-settled with their families and their employers or occupations. Here again we look forward to enlarging our Volunteer base to fulfill these concerns.