CARE Shelter


The CARE Shelter is our trademark activity. We have been operating a CARE Shelter for destitute and homeless People Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHAs) since 2002, in one location or another. Up to May 2014, we were housed in premises kindly made available by the Good Shepherd Sisters, but which we unfortunately had to vacate due to a government re-development plan for the area. Currently we are housed in premises on lease from the Singapore Land Authorities. Our present capacity is 30.


In-Residence Care

We provide the following forms of care:

  • Residents’ physical needs such as lodging, food and clothing.
  • Befriending, emotional and spiritual support, and diversional therapies.
  • Monitoring of medical appointments and where appropriate we help them to meet their medicinal needs.
  • Acquiring of skills to re-join the workforce and helping them find employment.
  • Helping them re-integrate to society.


Rules of Stay

We are not a hospital or hospice, and do not provide medical treatment or nursing care. We are a shelter where Residents come to stay with us voluntarily. They may go out during the day, stay out overnight with permission, or discharge themselves whenever they wish.

But as long as they are a resident of our Shelter, they must exercise self-discipline and abide by our community rules for the well-being of everyone.

Form-CARE Membership Application