With continuing medical improvements, PLWHAs today enjoy increasing prospects of living a normal life.

However, there are obstacles to their doing so largely because of continued marginalization by their own families, employers and society at large. This stems from a multitude of causes, among them lack of knowledge about AIDS infection and infectiousness, lack of compassion for their plight, or personal prejudice. In our strategic review last year, we adopted it as a paramount objective to help change social attitudes, so that PLWHAs can have a chance of leading life with dignity.

Family, employer and social acceptance are essential for their survival and the chances of success of our work. Therefore, advocacy activities addressed to these groups form priority objectives of our mission.


  1. Create awareness of HIV/AIDs issues and the plight of PLWHAs and their families, especially those marginalized.
  2. Provide opportunities for people to respond and become active advocates in their own environment.
  3. Create awareness of CARE vision, mission and work. Provide opportunity for people to contribute and serve PLWHA needs through CARE


  1. On-site awareness programmes, targeted initially at the Catholic community through the various parishes
  2. Outreach programmes targeted primarily at students through Catholic schools and institutions
  3. Experiential workshops conducted for small interest groups
  4. World AIDS Day Mass held annually at different parish churches
  5. Build a Volunteer pool and a system for effectively engaging them for this work